• AAMA 615(Superior Performing Organic Coatings on Plastic Profiles) 기준 만족
  • 장기 내구성 확보(색상 변화, 외부자극), 10년 품질 보증
  • 자체 조색 시스템으로 다양한 컬러 구현
  • 자동화 설비를 통한 신속한 대응 가능
Properties Test Description Test Method AAMA 615
도막경도(Dry Film Hardness) Eagle Turquoise Pencil ASTM D3363 HB
(Film Adhesion)
Dry Adhesion 1mm cross cut ASTM D3359 No Removal of Film
Wet Adhesion 38℃ water, 24hrs,
1mm cross cut
Boiling Adhesion 100℃ water, 20min,
1mm cross cut
내충격성(Impact Resistance) 16mm diameter,
Round-nosed impact tester
AAMA 615 No Removal of Film
내산성(Muriatic resistance) 10% HCL, 15min AAMA 615 No Blistering,
No Visual Change(ΔE:max3)
내몰탈성(Mortar Resistance) Pat test, 24hrs ASTM C207 No loss of Film Adhesion,
No visual change
내질산성(Nitric Acid Resistance) 70% Nitric Acid, 30min ASTM D2244 Unit color(ΔE:max3)
내유리세제성(Window Cleaner Resistance) 10drops, 24hrs, Cross cut AAMA 615 No Blistering,
No Visual Change(ΔE:max3)
내세제성(Detergent Resistance) 3% Detergent, 38℃, 72hrs ASTM D3359 No Blistering,
No Visual Change(ΔE:max3)
내습성(Humidity Resistance) 100% RH, 38℃, 4,000hrs ASTM D2247 "Few" Blister(No.8 Max)
내후성(Weathering) Color Retention South Florida 10years
Exposure, 45°
(5,000hrs Accelerated
Weathering Test)
ASTM D2244 Color change(ΔE:max5)
Gloss Retention ASTM D523 Gloss Retention(No.8 Max)
Chalk Retention ASTM D4214 Chalking Rating(No.8 Max)
Resistance to Erosion ASTM B244 10% Loss Max
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